Thursday, 25 February 2010

Growing Pains of my mobile ESL group

In my previous post I wrote that I had finally set up my group and was in the process of trying to get all the members signed up to a private twitter group. We're not quite there yet, but ten of them have now registered for Twitter and have successfully added at least one post to the timeline. Very impressed because I'm not sure I fully understand how it's all working...but it is. Anyhow, here's a snapshot of the Twitter page just to prove it.

It may look like I'm the only one posting but that's just the nature of a Twitter group, everything is via the group name and the individual is identified with the prefix 'via'.

I've written to all the group members to explain how the Twitter group will work. Every day I will post a question for them to respond to, and I will regularly post links for language learning sites and information/links for how to use their mobile phones for improving their English. I've also explained to them how to post to Twitter from their phones as I suspect most of them are using their computer at the moment. But that's ok, I think it will take time for them to get comfortable using their phones for things other than voice and text. Slowly, slowly.....

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