Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Remember playing scavenger hunts when you were younger? You know, being given a clue that would lead you to a place, then getting another clue until you end up at the finish and hopefully get a prize if you're first.

Well, now (inevitable I suppose) this can be done via SMS through a company called SCVNGR. Seems an interesting idea and I reckon it could be fun for a group of students, particularly as an end of term game or review activity. Good thing is that it is totally SMS-based, and so will work with any phone.

Anyhow, this video gives an overview of it, and I'm interested to try this out. Next week is the end of term, so I might just try to set it up for one of my groups on the last day of term.

UPDATE: just discovered that this service is not available outside the US, which is a shame. Hopefully someone will do something similar here as I think there is definitely a market for it.

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