Sunday, 29 November 2009

A fun warm up with your mobile phone

This is a nice activity using your mobile phone; however, it does require you giving you number out, so if you aren't keen on that, don't do it...alternatively if you can borrow someone's phone for the lesson that the students would have no reason to call, that might be better.

Anyhow, the basic idea is that students work competitively in pairs or groups to answer a list of questions with two choices, each choice having a number attached to it. Here are a first few examples from the activity I did:

1. The government are trying to implement (0)/activate a law (1) to ban smoking
2. You will get better at English if you use a variety of effective study (8)/learning (7) strategies

If they get all the questions correct and write the numbers down that correspond with the correct answer, it will show them your mobile phone number. They then have to phone you (you don't need to answer it!) to check if they got them all correct. If the phone doesn't ring, they know they have to go back and change some of the answers.

I've done this a few times with different groups, and they absolutely love it. Just the competitive element plus the technology part really motivates them.

I'm not sure if this is technically using your mobile phone for language learning, but it's certainly a good activity to do and that's why I've included it here.

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