Saturday, 28 November 2009

In for a good MALLing?

When I started this blog a week or so ago, I wasn't quite sure what name to give it because I didn't think it was something that people had started taking seriously yet...and of course I was wrong, there is a whole field of study related to using mobile devices for language learning. We've had CALL (computer-assisted language learning) and TELL (technology-enhanced language learning), now welcome to MALL (mobile assisted language learning). Just having a quick scoot round the web brought up some interesting sites and links. It's clearly still a young area as educators are just discovering the power of mobiles, but here are some things to read up on if you are interested:

  • naturally Wikipedia have a page devoted to it
  • This video shows how one university in America have been providing ESL lessons on students' iPhones.
  • A couple of interesting articles about how some schools are beginning to use mobiles in the classroom. This one about a couple of schools in Sheffield introducing it and this one about mobiles being used for Spanish language learning in the USA.
  • MOLEnet seem to be an organisation devoted to the exploration of mobile learning and their site has a wealth of information and links to follow.

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