Monday, 3 May 2010

It's worth taking a look at this blog - mobile learning continued...

I've just been mentioned in a blog post by Graham Stanley, who is continuing a great idea of listing your favourite blogs and then when you are mentioned or tagged in a post, you do the same and circulate more information about interesting blogs...think of it as a kind of blog recommendation tag...

Now Graham's post has already mentioned several blogs that I would recommend, especially Nicky Hockley and Rob de Lorenzo's. I'm not sure if I am going to be able to stretch to ten about mobile learning, but here are some I would definitely recommend.

1. Katy Scott's Stretch Your Digital Dollar is not specifically about mobile learning (though quite a few of her posts mention it), but it is a wonderful read about how technology can be used in and out of the classroom at minimal cost.

2. Leonard Low's Mobile Learning is an interesting read about mobile learning practices, especially from someone involved in the development of mobile applications.

3. Judy Brown's mLearnopedia is a great place for finding collected links to various stories about mobile learning.

4. Mobile Libraries has stuff on mobile learning as it specifically relates to libraries.

5. Liz Kolb's From Toy To Tool has a lot of interesting stuff about mobile learning.

Ok, didn't manage to get to 10, but at least I've added a few to the list....hope you find them interesting.


  1. Hi David

    I as just coming here to tell you that I'd tagged you, but I see you've already picked up on it and have written the blog post already

    Thanks for sharing the blogs - look forward to reading them

  2. Thanks for the mention, David -- I have been a bit naughty in not getting my list of 10 recommended blogs together yet, and it still seems to be lurking at the bottom of my to-do list. But I had planned to mention yours. Unfortunately Graham beat me to it! Dash and darn!